Dino park Funtana

Dinopark Funtana is 500m away from our apartments this is the first Croatian theme and show park.It is located in the heart of Istria, near Poreč.It is only a 25-minute car drive away from the Slovenian border.Part of the park is located on an old stone quarry in which wilderness the moving life-size dinosaurs live. The beautiful surrounding naturecontributes to theauthentic prehistoric atmosphere of the Dino Park. The park is surrounded by lush trees, and in it stretches more than 1.5 kilometers of wooden walkways.


  dino-01-high.jpg dino-02-high.jpg dino-04-high.jpg dino-06-high.jpg dino-park-big.jpg dino-park.jpg dino-park3.jpg dinopark6.jpg